about this product

Gerko waterbased degreaser is a universal waterbased product for obtaining a clean surface. It removes organic pollution including tree resin, skin oil, sweat and prevents blistering. It degreases all kinds of surfaces, paint layers, primer layers, metal (steel, aluminum and galvanized parts) and plastic.

The product can be applied without a mask and has an anti-static effect on the surface.

Gerko waterbased degreaser does not affect rubbers or plastics and leaves no traces.

  • Antistatic effect on the surface
  • Does not affect an underlying layer of paint
  • Can be applied without a mask
  • Leaves no traces
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable
  • Universal product for the preparation of sanding, spraying and cleaning
  • Removes salt and soap residues
  • No damage to plastic rubbers
  • To be used with Gerko OD10 degreasing cloths

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    Gerko waterbased degreaser 5L
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    Gerko waterbased degreaser 25L
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