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1K UV-curable primer filler with possibility to apply in high thickness, easy to apply and fast drying with UV-LED, UV mercury vapour lamps or even with exposure to sunlight. The Gerko UV primer filler is perfect for fast and economical repair. The primer filler is suitable for use on existing paint coatings (including thermoplastic acrylates), steel, plastic, aluminium, galvanized steel and polyester putty.

Due to an extremely short drying time, the UV primer filler has an enormous advantage compared to conventional 2K filler products. Thanks to the Gerko UV primer filler the times during the preparatory process can be significantly reduced. Sanding in 3 - 5 minutes.

  • Dries with UV light (UV-LED lamps, Mercury vapour lamps or exposure to sunlight)
  • For temperature sensitive parts (electric cars, plastic parts, ...)
  • Easy to sand
  • Fast drying
  • High filling power
  • Unlimited potlife
  • Smooth surface: superb topcoat appearance
  • No sagging
  • Direct to metal application, adhesion on steel, iron, Zinc-platted and Aluminium substrates
  • Possible to apply on plastic parts

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    Gerko UV primer filler 1L
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