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Gerko T-foam masking tape has a semi-rigid flat shape which facilitates its quick and easy placement on edges. Gerko T-foam tape is the ideal masking solution for reducing masking time around doors, tailgates and other vehicle access points. When the tape is attached to the edge of the surface, the paint does not go into the car and remains perfectly on the edge, imperceptible to the eye. The glue does not decompose when heat is applied inside the cabin and it does not leave any residue on the sheet.

  • Easy placement
  • Perfect edge finish
  • No glue residue
  • Flexible and easy to shape around contours
  • Unwinds easily from the roll for fast application
  • Solvent resistant
  • No bleed through
  • Eliminates paint build up and hard edges

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    Gerko T-foam tape 25m
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