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The Gerko blue transparent masking film has a special layer on the inside that absorbs any moisture residues on the car, so it can be applied to damp surfaces and prevents ‘false spots’. This masking film is made extra thick, making it even stronger.

  • Corona treated for optimal adhesion of paint and overspray
  • Special addition that ensures moisture absorption, in addition to the breathable functionality
  • Foil thickness: 15 μm
  • Easy to apply by one person
  • Strong and elastic performance
  • Easy to cut
  • Statically charged, causing the film to be attracted to the surface
  • Packed per roll in a carton box
  • Can be used with infrared drying
  • Temperature resistant up to 120°C
  • Gerko logo on spray side

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    Gerko superior masking film moisture absorbent 5m x 120m 15µm
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