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Gerko screenbond MS polymer is a high quality window bond on a MS polymer base. This bond had been specially developed for the quick and professional bonding of windscreens. By the unique composition the product has a perfect adhesion to old window bond, glass and ceramic edges, and without the use of a primer.

A major advantage of Gerko screenbond MS polymer is that it has a very high initial strength, which mainly has a positive effect on not sink the pane, certainly when it should be placed vertically.

Gerko screenbond MS polymer is also free of solvents isocyanates and the product contains no silicone.

  • Very good persistence, the glue caterpillar does not fall over
  • Very high initial strength, the pane does not sag
  • Good torsional rigidity contributes to the rigidity of the bodywork.
  • Excellent adhesion to old window bond, glass and ceramic walls, without using a primer
  • Easy to use, with no by-products
  • Free of solvents, isocyanate and silicone
  • Long shelf life after opening
  • Easy to remove from the hands
  • Good UV resistance

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    Gerko screenbond black MS polymer 290ml
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