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Gerko easygo is a universal lightweight polyester filler. The low specific weight makes it possible to fill irregularities and dents with considerably less product (in weight) compared to conventional fillers. Specific weight 1.3 kg/L. Conventional filler: 2 kg/L. Excellent adhesion to galvanized and electro-zinc coated metals, aluminum and steel surfaces. Contains glass balls as filling material. Very easy to spread. 

  • Universal light polyester filler
  • Extreme adhesion on metal surfaces
  • High stability in the can
  • With glass balls as filling material
  • Low shrink ratio
  • Vibration resistant and more flexible on thin metal
  • Combines excellent sanding properties with an absolutely compact surface
  • Easy to sand
  • Extreme adhesion to various surfaces such as steel, E-coat, galvanized steel, glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFK) and wood
  • Short drying time
  • Specific weight 1.3 kg / L
  • Color: turquoise
  • Hardener: BPO red
  • Mixing ratio in%: 2-3

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    Gerko easygo putty 1L
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    Gerko easygo putty 3L
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