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Gerko multi blue putty is a high performance semi-lightweight polyester putty which can be used as filling or finishing putty. It is easy to apply and to sand. Color changing from blue in grey during drying proces. Ready to sand when color is grey.

  • Universal polyester putty with lower specific weigth 1,6 kg/L
  • Colour change to aid timing of the start of the sanding process
  • Can be used as filling and fine putty
  • Excellent sanding, beginning with P120
  • Adhesion to various substrates (steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, polyester laminates, old paint, ...)
  • Extra creamy for easy mixing & application
  • Very easy to spread
  • Non-porous, smooth surface
  • Colour: light blue
  • Hardener: BPO red
  • Mixing ratio in %: 2-3

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    Gerko multi blue putty 1,6kg
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    Gerko multi blue putty 3kg
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