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Gerko faser putty is an unsaturated flexible polyester resin based putty. lt is a putty with a thixotropie constitution that contains special fiberglass, and has great filling power, as well as a consistency that allows application with ease. lts advanced formula gives it great adhesion to metal and galvanized surfaces. The putty being suitable for both wet and dry sanding allows its user maximum comfort during application. With its specially designed resin, the putty has a long shelf life and leaves a non-sticky surface with quick curing, even at low temperatures. Gerko faser polyester putty will form surfaces without pinholes.


  • Universal polyester putty with glass fibres to fill up larger surfaces and bigger irregularities
  • Impregnated fibres for easy and equal spreading and finishing
  • Perfect for polyester applications and repairs
  • High mechanical strength while maintaining good flexibility
  • For bridging of cracks, small holes and rusted-through areas
  • Excellent sanding, beginning with P120
  • Waterproof; ideal for boat & marine repairs
  • Good adhesion on glass fibre reinforced materials
  • High stability
  • Colour: green
  • Hardener: BPO red
  • Mixing ratio in %: 2-3

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    Gerko faser putty 1,8kg
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